Making all the things


Hello again.

I’ve been inspired by the time that I now have.  The Little Gamer has gone back to school and I’ve got the itch to make things.

This means pinterest.  The rabbit hole that steals hours of time away from you.  I now have a list about as long as my arm of projects.  Will they come to be?  Probably not.

In other news.  Once I get my act together, there will be a HUGE update to the etsy shop with a bunch of new products.  Squee.  Now where’s my camera.

Out of the shadows


Last night was interesting.

We, as a family, went to the movies.  It was to see a special screening of a new movie.  How exciting I hear you say.  Not quite.  Continuing on from The Gamer’s weekend in Sydney, he got to be a ticket collector/host of the Rooster Teeth movie, Lazer Team, at a local cinema.  Marvellous.

He had to be there early to make sure everything was set up and ready which meant, we had to be there early.

This meant I got to enjoy a bit of people watching.  Oh did I do some people watching.  It was like being David Attenborough.

The movie was pretty good too.  The people watching was better.

My kingdom for a Tardis


Whilst The Gamer spent the weekend doing something very important at RTX (something to do with Rooster Teeth, an online thing, expo something) in Sydney, I spent the weekend sorting out my office.  Ok, I had misplaced a vital piece of equipment and in the process of finding it, I rearranged things.

As I hunted, I discovered just how lacking my available storage space is.  But as Widow 2 pointed out, there’d never be enough storage.

Anyone have a Tardis that wish to get rid of?

I’m a bad blogger



Yes I’m a bad blogger and forget to do updates on here.  I’ve been busy doing other stuff.

Like making things.

InstagramCapture_ba965f45-abb3-427f-af99-67c07353affb InstagramCapture_558c8d94-ab9d-4b45-87dc-b18cc2dc2c4d IMG_20150611_190406

Like finishing things.


Like starting things.


Like going places.

Like falling asleep whilst trying to finish something.

I may have also tripped over and fell back into scout uniform and became a leader.

So there’s much that has happened and there’s much planned.

Stay tuned.

There’s a hair in there


I’ve been making special ordered items lately and hard as I try, I find random strands of my hair embedded in the item.

The ones I see get removed before they get completely set into the work but that’s not always going to work. Now I’ve decided it’s an almost foolproof way of proving who made it.  They include my dna.  Better than labels I guess.

Didn’t stop me from getting labels though.  Which is a very grown up and professional thing to do.  Scares the heck out of me.

Here’s a photo.

Very scary professional looking labels

Very scary professional looking labels

Plus a video of my hook holder in action.

Next thing you know, there’ll be video conversations between Widow 2 and I.  That’s really scary.


Being crafty

gamer widows 77b

Hello again.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been very productive.  I’ve made up more hook holders, started a project for a birthday gift that was last month (she didn’t tell me what she wanted until the day after her birthday) and even lead a bunch of teenagers in screen printing a tshirt. I’ve also photograph and list the items on the etsy store and develop a new product prototype.  Scary stuff.

Yet as I do these things, I still manage to stab my fingers with pins and needles.  Usually before they get anywhere near what I’m working on.  The Gamer managed to look up from his game when I exclaimed in pain.  Only once though and only to shut the door to my office.  Must have interrupted his online GTA session with his gamer buddy.  Oh well.

So given I’ve put my time and blood (not really) into the items, please check out the shop.  I need to buy more bandaids.


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

I began a project recently using yarn I had in my stash.  It was going along wonderfully.  Then I ran out of a colour.  That’s ok I thought, I’ll just get some more.  Wrong.  In the 8 months since I purchased the yarn, the colour has been discontinued.  After rummaging through the available yarn to find something suitable to finish the project, we found one.  All good, until we discovered it doesn’t come in the ply I need. Gah.

In disgust I’ve put what I’ve done, in a box to be dealt with when I’m less annoyed.

Here’s the project parts.

The offending yarn

Before I ran out

Before I ran out

So after all that, there are eighty squares in total that need to be joined.  With what?  I don’t know.



Now that’s got your attention!

Recently a friend of The Gamer’s posted a link to an article on “Breast Physics” within games.  Yup, there’s a name for the motion of boobs in games.

After reading the article I realised two things.  1.  Obviously the concept of sports bras is alien to them. 2. Surely the motion capture suits would alleviate this problem.

As an owner operator of a pair of boobs I can tell you, they move in many different ways and often is completely independent ways to each other.  That’s why they get restrained and quite often squished down into submission by an engineered garment.  Also all that bouncing is painful.

Given the dimensions of the female characters are completely wonky, I suppose the breasts are that way too.

But as Widow 2 said the other day, chances are the developers haven’t been near real boobs.


M.I.A. again.


Yes I know.  It’s been months.  In fact the new year has ticked over since the last post.  It’s just we got busy with everything.  Kids, school, school holidays, travel, families, Christmas…  you know the stuff.

So we’ve been doing stuff and somehow got tricked into making lunch bags for a friend.  Not my usual craftiness.  This meant The Junior Gamer saw them and insisted she had one for her first day back at school which was the next day.  Sigh.

The lunch bag production line

The lunch bag production line.  Not my normal crafty-ness


My usual crafty-ness

My usual crafty-ness


gamer widows 73 part 2

Hello again.

Since Thursday ticked over, The Gamer has had the new Assassins Creed game.  The main character is Arno something.  After about 10 minutes of watching him play, I don’t see how this game is any different to the others I’ve seen him play.  Same jumping from rooftop to rooftop, same crouching at a highpoint and a panoramic view.  Fighting, running awkwardly, a bloke in a hood.  Same, same.  Yet this is another new game.  Another challenge to reach 100%.  Another bunch of achievements to get.

For me, it’s another couple of weeks or so of not being able to watch the tv in the lounge room.