Oh such a long game

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The Gamer usually takes a week or two to complete a game.  Usually I’m ok with that.  Usually I like the LEGO games.  Just not this one.  It’s taking forever.  It’s The Hobbit incantation.  Between the walking, the long cut out sections and the myriad or stupid side activities it’s getting frustrating.  Not only that, as I can’t participate due to not being able to hold the controller properly, it’s taking even longer.

The good news is that I’ve been able to tackle some of my project.  So far during the epically long game, I’ve crocheted 3 baby blankets, made some bunting and started on a couple of other projects.  This of course is entirely enabled by Widow 2 egging me on and helping me add to my stash of goodies.  I’ve even added to my badge designs.

Hmm.  Maybe I should just buy crafty stuff every time The Gamer gets a new game….. Widow 2, what do you think?

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