Gamer Widows Glossary

We all know what it’s like.  Our partners are babbling on about their latest game or achievement and we have No IDEA what they are say.

So we have endeavoured to translate as best we can.  Sort of.  Acronyms will be expanded to real words to begin with.  Not entirely sure we will know what those words mean together, but it’s a start.

Lets begin.

  • R.P.G.

Role Play Game.

  • B.F.G.

Contrary to my childhood upbringing where Roald Dahl told me a BFG was Big Friendly Giant, no, it means Big F…ing Gun.  (Pick F-word of your choice.  I’m going with flaming.)

  • D&D

Nope, not Dinner and Dancing.  Not Death and Destruction.  It’s Dungeons and Dragons.

  • PAX

Penny Arcade Expo.  Gaming and stuff convention type event.  Happens in Seattle, Boston and, recently added, Melbourne Oz.  You will find people wearing game character costumes.  Just letting you know.

  • Merch

Merchandise.  Additional items sold with branding or characters on them.  Some have perceived collectability by being limited release only available by purchasing another item (see figurine that came with assassins creed) or by only having a small amount available.  Whole entire other world.  But don’t panic.  The Gamer Widows are developing their own so you won’t be left out.

  •  Console

That box thingy that plugs into the TV that games are plugged into.

  • Platform

Is it pc, xbox, wii, playstation?  See Console.

  •  Creeper

A green monster thing that glides around the minecraft world.  Blows up on contact with you or anything you’ve spent ages building.



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