Out of the shadows


Last night was interesting.

We, as a family, went to the movies.  It was to see a special screening of a new movie.  How exciting I hear you say.  Not quite.  Continuing on from The Gamer’s weekend in Sydney, he got to be a ticket collector/host of the Rooster Teeth movie, Lazer Team, at a local cinema.  Marvellous.

He had to be there early to make sure everything was set up and ready which meant, we had to be there early.

This meant I got to enjoy a bit of people watching.  Oh did I do some people watching.  It was like being David Attenborough.

The movie was pretty good too.  The people watching was better.

My kingdom for a Tardis


Whilst The Gamer spent the weekend doing something very important at RTX (something to do with Rooster Teeth, an online thing, expo something) in Sydney, I spent the weekend sorting out my office.  Ok, I had misplaced a vital piece of equipment and in the process of finding it, I rearranged things.

As I hunted, I discovered just how lacking my available storage space is.  But as Widow 2 pointed out, there’d never be enough storage.

Anyone have a Tardis that wish to get rid of?

I’m a bad blogger



Yes I’m a bad blogger and forget to do updates on here.  I’ve been busy doing other stuff.

Like making things.

InstagramCapture_ba965f45-abb3-427f-af99-67c07353affb InstagramCapture_558c8d94-ab9d-4b45-87dc-b18cc2dc2c4d IMG_20150611_190406

Like finishing things.


Like starting things.


Like going places.

Like falling asleep whilst trying to finish something.

I may have also tripped over and fell back into scout uniform and became a leader.

So there’s much that has happened and there’s much planned.

Stay tuned.