Being crafty

gamer widows 77b

Hello again.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been very productive.  I’ve made up more hook holders, started a project for a birthday gift that was last month (she didn’t tell me what she wanted until the day after her birthday) and even lead a bunch of teenagers in screen printing a tshirt. I’ve also photograph and list the items on the etsy store and develop a new product prototype.  Scary stuff.

Yet as I do these things, I still manage to stab my fingers with pins and needles.  Usually before they get anywhere near what I’m working on.  The Gamer managed to look up from his game when I exclaimed in pain.  Only once though and only to shut the door to my office.  Must have interrupted his online GTA session with his gamer buddy.  Oh well.

So given I’ve put my time and blood (not really) into the items, please check out the shop.  I need to buy more bandaids.


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

I began a project recently using yarn I had in my stash.  It was going along wonderfully.  Then I ran out of a colour.  That’s ok I thought, I’ll just get some more.  Wrong.  In the 8 months since I purchased the yarn, the colour has been discontinued.  After rummaging through the available yarn to find something suitable to finish the project, we found one.  All good, until we discovered it doesn’t come in the ply I need. Gah.

In disgust I’ve put what I’ve done, in a box to be dealt with when I’m less annoyed.

Here’s the project parts.

The offending yarn

Before I ran out

Before I ran out

So after all that, there are eighty squares in total that need to be joined.  With what?  I don’t know.