Now that’s got your attention!

Recently a friend of The Gamer’s posted a link to an article on “Breast Physics” within games.  Yup, there’s a name for the motion of boobs in games.

After reading the article I realised two things.  1.  Obviously the concept of sports bras is alien to them. 2. Surely the motion capture suits would alleviate this problem.

As an owner operator of a pair of boobs I can tell you, they move in many different ways and often is completely independent ways to each other.  That’s why they get restrained and quite often squished down into submission by an engineered garment.  Also all that bouncing is painful.

Given the dimensions of the female characters are completely wonky, I suppose the breasts are that way too.

But as Widow 2 said the other day, chances are the developers haven’t been near real boobs.


M.I.A. again.


Yes I know.  It’s been months.  In fact the new year has ticked over since the last post.  It’s just we got busy with everything.  Kids, school, school holidays, travel, families, Christmas…  you know the stuff.

So we’ve been doing stuff and somehow got tricked into making lunch bags for a friend.  Not my usual craftiness.  This meant The Junior Gamer saw them and insisted she had one for her first day back at school which was the next day.  Sigh.

The lunch bag production line

The lunch bag production line.  Not my normal crafty-ness


My usual crafty-ness

My usual crafty-ness