And here it comes again


There’s much anticipation and excitement here.  PAX Australia is on this weekend and not only is The Gamer going but he’s an enforcer.  He gets to go for free and work in one of the exciting areas.

Me, I get to miss out on the fun.  Well for some of the time.  I’m going to a wedding for some of the weekend.  But still.  I miss out on seeing all the cosplayers and the bits of gaming paraphernalia and all the other stuffs.

Oh well.  I’ll need all the tweets and instagrams and the like to keep up.

And so we begin again

Getting twitchy
Hello again.

With much excitement from The Little Gamer, The Gamer updated minecraft for the xbox one. For most people this wouldn’t be much excitement but for The Little Gamer, she can now yell and shout and play with her friend over the interwebs. Also The Gamer is attempting to get a whole new set of achievements.

Between the constant mooing from the cows and the overly excited shouting from the smaller, I’m just about over it. That and I’ve finished all the projects I had going which means there’s nothing to keep my hands busy.