Freedom!!! Of sorts

Freedom!!! Freedom 2

Hello again.

So yesterday I purchased a new-to-me car.  This was a necessary purchase as my old car was manual and, due to the arm breaking thing, can now only drive auto.  I also drove for the first time in nearly 5 months yesterday.

Widow 2 drove me to collect it and happily took a spin in the new shiny swankiness and then followed me home.  Yay.

We also visited our favourite crafty café for scones before that as you do

It was a big day.  Almost like my birthday all over again.

P.S.  New stuff coming to the etsy store too.  Find it here.


Oh such a long game

gamer widows 66 part 1 gamer widows 66 part 2


The Gamer usually takes a week or two to complete a game.  Usually I’m ok with that.  Usually I like the LEGO games.  Just not this one.  It’s taking forever.  It’s The Hobbit incantation.  Between the walking, the long cut out sections and the myriad or stupid side activities it’s getting frustrating.  Not only that, as I can’t participate due to not being able to hold the controller properly, it’s taking even longer.

The good news is that I’ve been able to tackle some of my project.  So far during the epically long game, I’ve crocheted 3 baby blankets, made some bunting and started on a couple of other projects.  This of course is entirely enabled by Widow 2 egging me on and helping me add to my stash of goodies.  I’ve even added to my badge designs.

Hmm.  Maybe I should just buy crafty stuff every time The Gamer gets a new game….. Widow 2, what do you think?

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break, other times…..

Broken bits

Broken bits

broken bits part 2

broken bits part 2

Hello again.

Did you miss us?

There’s a really good reason.  Annoyingly, I broke my arm.  This has been most amusing to Widow 2 as she’s been keeping me sane entertained company whilst I can’t drive or do much that involves more than one hand.  Only recently I’ve been able to type (as in the last two days) and only just able to scratch my nose with my left hand.

So we’ve been spending Friday’s together exploring our interests in all things non-gaming.  Pinterest has taken a hammering.

Which leads me to give you a bit of a hint as to what we are doing on the couch in our lovely cartoon.

Here it is.   And a new batch of badges to go with it.